Guided Tours

I invite you to discover my guided tours in Cambodia and especially around Kampot. These tours have been developed for the visitors to discover an authentic, cultural, unusual and rich country while sustaining the local economy.

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Kampot's Crafts & Know-How Tour

One-day trip around Kampot

Bokor Stories & Legends

From the Côte d’Opale to the Emerald Forest

Cooking Classes with the Locals

Khmer Cooking Classes with the Locals


A full-day to discover the pepper in Kampot

Discovery Tour of Cambodia

Discover the hidden beauties of Cambodia with this tailor-made tour



The articles you will find on my blog are in French only. Nevertheless, I invite you to have a look at them to discover Cambodia under different facets.

Through my encounter of men and women, my readings and my travels in Cambodia I want to share my experience with the travellers. But above all, I want to highlight a country of great human beauty which nestles an unsuspected geological, floristic, cultural and historical heritage that has marked and shaped the lives of the indigenous.

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