Bokor's Stories & Legends

From the "Côte d'Opale" to the Emerald Valley
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Bokor’s Stories & Legends

Discovery tour in the Preah Monivong National Park for a day full of surprises.

Mount Bokor is home to a former high altitude sanitary station full of history and various biotopes that shelter, among others, carnivorous plants endemic to this mountain, as well as an incredible fauna… but you will also discover mystical sites with unsuspected legends.

This tour is for the solo traveller, families or groups.

From 2 persons

(from November through May – except on Saturday’s and Sunday’s)


The Preah Monivong National Park belongs to the Elephant Mountain, which itself is part of the Southern Cardamom Mountains. The Cardamoms are one of the last remaining primary forests in Southeast Asia with a rich diversity of biotopes and ecosystems. Every year in Cambodia we discover new plants and endemic species. A great concentration of this biodiversity can be found in the Bokor Mountain, especially the carnivorous plants such as “Nepenthes” and “Drosera”.

In the Bokor Mountain you can also find the remains of an old hill station dating back to the colonial era. It was first designed as a relaxing and refreshing place for the French settlers (to whom the Valley of Veal Rhin reminded the french Côte d’Opale), and later for the Khmer high society, offering them a retreat from the heat and insalubrity of Phnom Penh. Abandoned twice during the Indochinese period, this hill station was a full-fledged city, functioning in autarky.

This tour in the Preah Monivong National Park is for individuals, families or groups. It can be organized by private vehicle, mini-van or motorcycle as per your request. It will be an opportunity to discover the natural, historical, religious and human heritage hidden in the Bokor Mountain from its Côte d’Opale to the Emerald Valley.


Highlights of the Bokor Mountain Tour:

  • Discovery of the remains of the old mountain resort (Black Palace, infirmary, church, prison, old palace, agricultural station, breeding station, the Superior Resident’s chalet, etc.)
  • Discovery of a human, historical and religious heritage (Five-Boat Pagoda, an animist site)
  • Discovery of different natural environments of the Bokor Mountain (meadows, forests, rivers, rocks)
  • Discovery of the fauna and the flora (including carnivorous plants, rattan or yucca)

Purposes of the Bokor Mountain Tour:

  • To raise awareness of the natural, historical, religious and human environment of the Bokor Mountain
  • To discover an unsuspected natural heritage in the Bokor Mountain
  • To share our knowledge, to exchange and spend a pleasant moment together

THE PRICE INCLUDES (105km tour):

MOTO (your own rental motorbike) 

  • Visits of natural and historical sites
  • Your guide


  • 1 private driver + car
  • Visits of natural and historical sites
  • Your guide


BY MOTORBIKE (your own rental motorbike)

Full Day

From 2 to 3 persons : 35 $ / person

From 4 to 5 persons : 20 $ / person

For 6 persons: 16 $ / person


From 2 to 3 persons : 35 $ / person

From 4 to 5 persons : 15 $ / person

For 6 persons: 10 $ / person

* This half-day tour does not include the animist shelter and the walk to the carnivor plants. No lunch to be planned

Full-day in car

(2 to 5 persons)

2 persons : 68 $ / person
3 persons : 45 / person
4 persons : 34 $ / person
5 persons : 30 $ / person

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Would you like to make your own tour?

Our programs can be adapted for people wishing to combine cultural discovery with sporting outings such as climbing, walking, canoeing or paddle boarding. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

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