Trip around Cambodia
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Trip around Cambodia

Do you want a trip where you can relax, discover, meet people and share their traditions while having nothing else to think about? Do not hesitate anymore and join me in The Kingdom of Wonder for a cultural, authentic and exciting journey. Discover the country accompanied by an experimented guide while enjoying your freedom. Get closer to the history and the indigenous thanks to the local guides that will allow you to have a glimpse of the Cambodian culture and its way of life.

This tour is for the solo traveller, families, groups or associations.

4 – 6 – 8 persons

From Mid-October to Mid-December

Cambodia is a booming country where both modernism and ancestral traditions co-exist. Discover this wonderful country and its lovely people and immerse yourself in the Cambodian culture and its historical, human and natural heritage.

Bucolic landscapes, thrilling cities, captivating ambiance of the temples, pleasure of the senses during tasting of traditional dishes, encounters with locals, discoveries of know-how and heavenly beaches will make your trip to Cambodia unforgettable!

What’s the purpose of this trip around Cambodia?

  • To make your life easier by not having to manage anything
  • To be accompanied by an experimented guide while having free time to explore the places where we will stay
  • To make you discover an unsuspected historical, natural and human heritage
  • To encounter with the locals

But above all to have fun and get away from your routine!

Phnom Penh – Immersion

Once known as the “Pearl of Asia”, Phnom Penh has suffered from war and revolution. It has since been reborn from its ashes to become one of the most pleasant capitals in Southeast Asia. You will discover the Royal Palace and the recent past of the city by visiting the former prison S21 and the “Killing Fields”. Stroll along the river to immerse yourself in local life at the end of the day, taste the delicious snacks from the numerous food stalls at the night market or treat yourself in a select restaurant.

Phnom Penh is a really booming city, ideally located between the Mekong River and the Tonlé Sap. The arrival of foreign investors changes its pace and even its character. Multifaceted city where extreme poverty and great wealth mingle, where charm and chaos surprise the travellers, this fascinating capital stands at the crossroads of the present and the future.

Battambang – The People of the Water

Fourth tourist destination in the country (after Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville), Battambang has a lot of charm. It’s an elegant city with very well-preserved colonial architecture, which offers both the resources of a modern agglomeration and the sweetness of life of a small village.

Day trips in tuk-tuk allow you to discover ancient temples perched on hills, bucolic villages and local know-how. You will also attend a show at the “Phare Ponleu Selpak”, the Battambang Circus, to admire and appreciate the dynamism of its local young artists. Finally, you will take a boat from Battambang to Siem Reap and enjoy the most beautiful river cruise in the country.

Siem Reap – Art, Art and more Art

A favorite destination in Southeast Asia during the 1960s, Siem Reap was paraded by rich and famous travellers. After three decades of torpor, it has regained its prominence on the tourist scene. Main entry to the Temples of Angkor (the Eighth Wonder of the World), Siem Reap has always been promised a bright future, but few were those who anticipated such a dazzling development. As the epicenter of the new Cambodia, the city now has more hotels, bars, restaurants of international standing as well as sumptuous spas than temples.

Despite this growing modernism, you will be immersed into the past as soon as you enter the Temples of Angkor. You will discover and observe the traditional know-how of the “Artisans Angkor”. We will take you to a silkworm farm where the art of weaving will have no more secrets for you. In the evening, enjoy a dance show and dinner in the oldest Khmer theatre of the city and discover the Apsara dances. And finally, feel the dynamism of Siem Reap by walking in “Pub Street” or stroll in the different markets that abound of treasure troves.

Kampot – A River Runs Through It

Kampot is a quiet riverside town with beautiful French colonial buildings and becomes more and more appreciated by visitors. The development of Sihanoukville in 1959 ended its port activities, but Kampot is an ideal starting point for exploring the Bokor Hill Station and National Park, the countryside, the salt fields and the life of the people along the Teuk Chhou river.

Kampot is known for its pepper, one of the best in the world. It is also the first producing region of the durian, an exotic fruit with a particularly strong smell, but whose subtle taste flavors many desserts.

Kep – Dolce Vita

The seaside resort of Kep-sur-Mer, renowned for its sunsets and its famous crab, was founded in 1908 to welcome the elite of French colonial society. In the 1960s, Cambodian high society perpetuated the tradition. In the 1980s, the city is sacked by the Khmer Rouge. After difficult years, Kep begins to rise from its ashes, although some abandoned colonial villas are still visible. You will be captivated by the Dolce Vita feeling of this coastal town and by its paradise islands that can be easily discovered.

Rabbit Island – Feet in the Water

Rabbit Island, a 20-minute boat trip from Kep’s pier, is a small exotic preserved paradise. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the province, with palm trees, coconut trees and small cabins where you can sleep, and of course enjoy fresh and delicious seafood.


From Mid-October through Mid-December

For a 19-Day-Trip around Cambodia :

From 4 persons : 2 000 USD per person – From 6 persons : 1 800 USD per person – From 8 persons : 1 600 USD per person.

For a program of 12 or 16 days, please contact me for a quote.


  • Accommodations (private room in hotel, guesthouse and bungalow)
  • Taxes and nights
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner with one free drink
  • Transportation (tuk-tuk, taxi, bus, boat, mini-van, domestic flight, etc.)
  • Taxes and domestic flight
  • Visits
  • Local guides
  • Daily expenses of your guide.


  • Taxes and international flights
  • Visa on arrival at Phnom Penh Airport (35 $ per person)
  • Formalities (vaccination (1), passeport)
  • Personal activities (going out, sports activities,…)
  • Transportation which are not included in the program
  • Extra food or drinks
  • Personal expenses (gifts,…)
  • Tips for the guide(s), driver(s) or at the different accommodations
  • Extra fees to be paid during the visits such as camera fees, videos, etc…
  • Private insurances (health, travel, repatriation, theft, etc…)


(1) Vaccines are optional and at the discretion of the traveller


ATTENTION : Prices may change depending on the increase of the cost of living in Cambodia or the type of accommodation. Always wait for the final quote to know the price of your stay and sign a contract !

For this stay, you will be accommodated in standard double rooms, all equipped with fans or air conditioning, except on Rabbit Island, where electricity is only available from 6.00PM to 10.00PM. You will sleep either in hotels, guesthouses or in bungalows.

During this stay you will be guided and accompanied by me (Christelle), nature guide and organizer of this tour around Cambodia or by local guides who perfectly know their region and who work in partnership with myself or with our service providers.

We want you to enjoy every means of transport during your stay in Cambodia: mini-van, local bus, taxis, tuk-tuk and domestic flight.

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Would you like to make your own tour?

Our programs can be adapted for people wishing to combine cultural discovery with sporting outings such as climbing, walking, canoeing or paddle boarding. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

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