Why an E-book*?

With this e-book, I want the travellers to discover Kampot and its surroundings. This southern Cambodian province is home of an unsuspected geological, floristic, cultural and historical heritage that has marked and shaped the lives of the indigenous.

My goal through this e-book is to share this exceptional natural environment by offering the visitors didactic walks and trips that will take them to places rich in history and beauty.

I hope to have achieved this goal and I invite you to get on your bicycle or on your motorbike and explore Kampot and its surroundings.

The sale of this e-book, which includes 6 “Discovery Tours” with many useful information on the lives of indigenous, is the beginning of a great adventure that will allow me to offer the travellers guided tours in tuk-tuk through Kampot and its province.

See you soon and have a good trip !

* French version only

Ebook Circuits Kampot
Ebook Circuits Kampot
Six circuits à travers 60 pages

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