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Day Tour Around Kampot
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Kampot’s Crafts and Know-How Day Tour

Nestled between the sea and the mountains and at the crossroads between Vietnam and Thailand, Kampot is full of unsuspected historical, natural and human heritages that have marked and shaped the lives of the local people.

Through this day trip, I invite you to discover an exceptional natural environment that will lead you to places rich in history and beauty. You will also meet men and women and share their knowledge as well as their traditional know-how.

This one-day-tour is for the solo traveller and families.

2 to 4 persons maximum

1 day


Departure 9.00 AM – Return around 4.00 PM

During this one-day-tour, you will be accompanied by your guide, Christelle, and the transport will be a private tuk-tuk.

During this day tour you will discover some local know-how that are representative of Kampot and Cambodia. As the seasons go by, we will go to Cambodian families to discover the manufacturing of palm sugar, rice vermicelli or rice whiskey. You will also see different craft trades made by the fishermen, the salt workers (salt harvesting), and of course the inevitable Kampot pepper.

Through bucolic landscapes like “Trey Koh” (Fish Island), the Teuk Chhou river or the famous orchards of Kampot with the durian fruit, you will have the opportunity to meet these men and women with different lifestyles who adapt themselves to the natural environment in which they live.

Kampot has a very rich historical, natural and economic heritage and was, during the former Indochina era, an important commercial hub of Southeast Asia.

This tour aims to unveil some pages of the history of Kampot, to make you aware of its exceptional natural environment, to discover some local and traditional know-how. But most of all it aims to participate in the local economy… With the visits to the families and by highlighting their knowledge, “Tours Horizons Kampot” supports the locals as well as their culture and their trades.

Half-day program can be organized upon request


• 1 driver + Tuk-tuk
• Sites visits
• Private guide
• Lunch



2 persons – 53 $ per person
3 persons – 38 $ per person
4 persons – 30 $ per person
(2 adults and 2 children)


4 persons – 35 $ par personne
5 persons – 30 $ per person

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