Reservations and Payment
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General Information

The below Terms & Conditions are part of any service contract concluded between the traveller and Tours d’Horizons Kampot (personal service offering tours and activities from individual to individual), represented by Christelle MARTIN. The purpose of the contract signed by the two parties is to offer the benefits of an organized tour, while giving the traveller free time to enjoy the places where he will stay.

The contract between the traveller and Tours d’Horizons Kampot implies that the traveller adheres to the present Terms & Conditions.

Tours d’Horizons Kampot commits to respect all the services included in the program and guarantees the traveller to give him the necessary information on the destinations he will visit, the accommodation, the itinerary and the transports.

Reservation and Payment


After agreement on the program, the traveller must pay a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the trip to Tours d’Horizons Kampot. The deposit needs to be executed by a bank transfer on Tours d’Horizons Kampot’s PayPal account.

The balance must be paid 30 days before the beginning of the trip. In case of non-payment before the mentioned lead-time, Tours d’Horizons Kampot has the right to cancel the trip without refunding the traveller’s previously paid deposit.

Modification of the Reservation

1. Changes made by the Traveller

The traveller can request to change the departure date of his trip. This change may result in extra expenses that will be charged to the traveller.

Reducing the number of participants may result in cancellation penalties for the travellers who unsubscribe as well as a re-evaluation of the fees for the remaining travellers. Tours d’Horizons Kampot does not refund the services that are included in the program but that were not used by the traveller.

2. Changes made by Tours d’Horizons Kampot

Tours d’Horizons Kampot reserves the right to modify the services included in the program in the event of force majeure, in relation to the safety of the travellers or the quality of the trip.

In case of unforeseen changes (VAT increase, monetary variation, significant increase of the price of transport, etc …), a price readjustment will be addressed to the traveller. The traveller can accept or refuse it. In case of refusal, Tours d’Horizons Kampot reserves the right to cancel the program and refund the deposit to the traveller, minus the cancellation fees requested by the hotels, if any.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees are calculated as a percentage of the trip price, depending on the date of cancellation, expressed in number of days before the beginning of the program.

1. Cancellation by the Traveller BEFORE departure

  • 2 days before or during the stay: 100% of the price of the trip
  • From 3 to 7 days before: 75% of the price of the trip
  • From 8 to 21 days before: 50% of the price of the trip
  • From 22 to 28 days before: 25% of the price of the trip
  • More than 28 days before: 20% of the price of the trip

2. Cancellation by the Tours d’Horizons Kampot

Tours d’Horizons Kampot reserves the right to cancel all or part of the trip in case of force majeure that can make travel impossible or dangerous. In that case, Tours d’Horizons Kampot fully reimburses the traveller.

Obligations of the Traveller

Before leaving, the traveller must ensure that he meets the following requirements in terms of:

  • Passport validity (minimum validity of 6 months after return, at least two blank pages) and visa.
  • Written authorization from the traveller’s doctor to participate in this trip, French vaccinations up to date, preventive treatments.
  • Anyone participating in a tour organized by Tours d’Horizons Kampot must subscribe to an international travel insurance covering at least medical expenses and repatriation. This insurance is usually offered by the ticket agencies to the traveller when buying the international air ticket or even by some banks.

The details of the Insurer and the traveller’s insurance policy number must be communicated to Tours d’Horizons Kampot before the arrival in Cambodia. During his stay, the traveller must respect and follow the rules announced by the guide to ensure his/her safety and the quality of the program.


  • Tours d’Horizons Kampot cannot be responsible for injuries, damages or losses suffered by the traveller during or after the tours.
  • The traveller is responsible for his actions: any activity outside the program or any violation of the law of the host country cannot engage the responsibility of Tours d’Horizons Kampot. Any cancellation of program as a result of trouble with the law deprives the traveller of his rights to a refund of all or part of his trip.
  • Tours d’Horizons Kampot cannot be confused with various providers (hotels, carriers, boats, sports activities, …), which, in any case, have their own responsibility and regulations and that the traveller must respect.

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